BNRG ⸺ Greenevolution

H-1118 Budapest, Rétköz utca 5. (BudaWest Irodaház)
Brigitta Boncsó
office manager

Management team

Róbert Halász

Róbert Halász

Co-founder and CEO of BNRG Greenevolution.

He has more than 12 years of experience in renewable energy investments in the Central and Eastern European region.

Róbert also managed acquisitions, arranged financing and operated renewable energy facilities in the countries of the region during this period.

Péter Pusztai

Péter Pusztai

Co-founder and CEO of BNRG Greenevolution.

Prior to co-founding BNRG, Péter worked for 12 years for an American-German investment bank active exclusively in the renewable energy sector, so Péter has extensive experience in project development, licensing, contracting and financing.

Király György
Head of Construction

George has 11 years of experience in the design and construction of solar PV systems in the United States and Hungary.

Pető Dániel
Head of O&M

He became acquainted with industrial inverter circuits in 1998, which later grew further to the subject of his electrical engineering diploma thesis. From 2007 Daniel utilized his knowledge as a technician, focused on wind- and later on solar based renewable energy systems on international projects. After a technician he became and engineer and was appointed to leadership roles, so he strives to bring together the entire business line, team, from field work through administrative tasks and legal obligations.

Tuba Krisztián
Head of Residential and Business scale Department

With more than 10 years of experience, Krisztián is one of the most experienced professionals in Hungary in the residential and small business sector. His team covers all works related to residential installations and small business projects.

Hergert János
Head of Business Development

Janos has more than 10 years international experience in the energy- and construction sectors, in which he held various commercial, engineering and leadership roles. He was becoming increasingly familiar with renewables through geothermal heat- and power solutions and has been a committed supporter of green and sustainable energy generation ever since.

The two founders developed a solar power PV project portfolio with a capacity of more than 73,000 kW in Hungary.