Whether it is a small residential and corporate power plant or an industrial-scale solar power plant, BNRG is able to meet the highest quality standards. Our specialists have so far built solar PV facilities with a capacity of almost 200 MW, making BNRG one of the most significant solar power plant construction companies in Hungary. We undertake the turnkey implementation of solar power plant projects at the highest level, in full compliance with investor expectations within the given cost and time frame.


BNRG-from small power stations to large power stations-you can count on us!


Scope of works
  • Construction of earthworks, roads, fences, cable trenches, concrete-based structures
  • Installation of  rack systems
  • Low voltage installation works (installation of solar panels and inverters)
  • High voltage installation works (installation of transformers)
  • Grid connection cabling, Grid connection point installations
Széchenyi 2020